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Corporate Info


Sabah/Sarawak Federal Public Service Leader in Forging Close Relations Between Federal and State Governments and Facilitating Implementation of Federal Development Projects.


To strengthen Federal Agency and State Government Relations to Optimise Service Delivery.


The Office of the Sarawak Federal Secretary was established in 1963 with certain duties and powers. It was abolished on 1 June 1982 and re-established on 1 May 1990 following the Cabinet decision of 21 November 1989.

  • To strengthen relations between the federal government and the Sarawak State Government
  • To manage the federal buildings and federal quarters
  • To coordinate and monitor federal buildings and quarters projects
  • To facilitate the implementation of development projects in the state of Sarawak
  • To coordinate quality and productivity improvement projects of federal departments in Sarawak
  • To coordinate official visits of VVIPs to Sarawak from West Malaysia and Sabah
  • Client will be attended immediately not exceeding five (5) minutes
  • Reservation meeting rooms and auditorium will be responded to immediately, and not exceed 18 working hours
  • Applications for quarters will be given immediate feedback, and not exceed 18 working hours
  • Complaints from residents of quarters will be looked into immediately, and not exceed 18 working hours
  • Requests for repairs or emergencies will be responded to immediately, and not exceed 18 working hours (emergency tasks will be attended to within 3 hours).
  • Payment of bills and claims will be carried out within 7 working days of the date of receipt of complete documentation.