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Online Services

In line with the wave of globalisation and compelling influence of information and communication technology (ICT) in Malaysia, the Office of the Sarawak Federal Secretary offers online services on a par with other central agencies. In providing effective and efficient services from time to time as per customer needs and demands, the office offers online services such as:


The eQuarters system allows applications for quarters, checking of status of applications for quarters, filing of complaints about quarters and applications to move out of quarters


Booking of facilities through the MyTC System. The Government Facility Booking Project (MyTC) is the government’s initiative aimed at enabling the public to book facilities offered by the government. It also aims to optimise the use of all existing training facilities at Public Training Institutes, identified ministries and government agencies as well as assist the government in making strategic decisions concerning the use of institutes


The Office of the Sarawak Federal Secretary also offers other online services such as:


  1. Application for authorisation to enter Kuching Federal Complex
  2. Application for use of department vehicles and drivers
  3. Application for use of technical equipment/projector/service of technical personnel of the Office of the Sarawak Federal Secretary; and
  4. Application and update of the official portal of the Office of the Sarawak Federal Secretary